The complete production cycle.

Casting of metals

Production of castings and parts made of aluminum, steel, grey and high-test cast iron. Production of aluminum alloys and castings from remelt aluminum.

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Metal working

Machining of products on order. Full range of turning, grinding, thermal equipment. Production of high-precision and large-sized products.

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Finished products

Components for agricultural machinery. Spare parts for combines, cars, tractors, reaping-machines, compressors.
Castings from steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys.

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We offer spare parts of our own production. Components for agricultural machinery, vehicles, combines, tractors, compressors. Parts for mounted and trailed farming implements. Parts for agricultural machinery units. We sell castings made of grey and high-test cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals.


These companies and organizations cooperating with us. We supply spare parts and procurement for our partners in Ukraine, CIS countries and European Union.


+38 (0619) 41-60-36


72356 Ukraine
Zaporozhye oblast,
Melitopol region,
Obilne village
Zheleznodorozhnaya street, 16