Предприятие ATS

“MZAtZ” plant

About Melitopol factory of autotractor spare parts

«Melitopolskiy zavod avtotraktornykh zapchastey» LLC (ATS) is one of the biggest foundry Companies of the southern region of Ukraine. Our main products are castings from cast iron, steel, aluminum alloys, spare parts for automobiles and agricultural machinery.

Our production consists of the following equipment:

  • Cast iron Shop produces castings from grey iron (GG15–GG35) and high-test cast iron (GGG 40–GGG60). The capacity of the shop is more than 10 000 ton of defect-free casting per year.

    • Melting furnaces:
      • 2 furnaces ИЧТ-6;
      • furnace ИСТ-0,4;
      • ИЧТ-2,5 furnace in reserve.
    • Moulding:
      • line for air-impulse moulding with box size 600X800X300/300
      • boxless mold line, the size of clod is 600X500X180/180
      • moulding line 350X470X100/100
    • Core section:
      • manual production of cores and with a help of machines – cold-hardening method;
      • process of hot boxes including Shell composition.
  • Non-ferrous Casting Shop produces castings from various aluminum alloys like АК5М2, АК9, АК9М2, АК12 and others. Production capacity of the shop is 3000 ton of defect-free casting per year.
    Chill casting machine, machine for pressure die casting 71109 are used for production of castings with weight from 0,03 to 4 kg, low-pressure die casting machine BП1000 are used for production of castings from 0,1 to 25 kg. The shop has possibility to produce secondary aluminum for deoxidation in ingots – production capacity is 2000 ton per year;
  • Lost-foam casting shop is producing steel, cast iron and nonferrous castings. Production capacity of the shop is 3600 ton of defect free casting per year.
    Weight of castings:

    • Cast iron – from 0,1 kg up to 3000 kg
    • Steel – from 0,1 kg up to 1000 kg

    Maximum possible size of the casting is unlimited.

Use of modern induction melting, moulding and high quality materials allow us to achieve high quality of the casting surface and accuracy of the dimensions.

Production of MZAtZ

Production of MZAtZ

To control the production process and the quality of the finished goods our Company has a laboratory certified and equipped with control-measuring devices which allows defining of chemical composition, mechanical properties and microstructure of the produced castings. The system of quality management ISO 9001 was introduced in the Company.

With the purpose to protect our customers from supply of low quality pirate production of unfair suppliers we have registered our trademark ATS in the State Register of the trademarks for goods and services of Ukraine and Russia.


Our Company also has rather strong machining production which allows us to carry out machining of our castings.

We use the following machinery in our Company:

  • Vertical and horizontal milling centers: HAAS, KAMIOKA, ГФ2171, 65А880, 2204ВМФ, СПФ-500, ГДВ-400, Heckert (size of work piece – 4000 x 1000 x 800);
  • Centerless grinding machines;
  • Face-grinding machines allow us to machine flat surfaces of various parts with micron There is possibility to machine face surfaces and conic shaped surfaces of  size 1000 x 360 x 400 in case of use of additional devices;
  • Round-grinding machines are used for outside grinding of cylindrical and conical surfaces, maximum diameter of blank is 410mm and L=2800mm;
  • Drilling machines;
  • Metal-sawing machines, guillotine, plasma ark cutting;
  • Lathe CNC machines which give us opportunity to machine complicated castings of diameter up to 630 mm and L= 1600 mm;
  • Universal turning machines allow to machine castings of diameter up to 1000mm and length up to 4500mm;
  • Tooth-cutting machines, groove milling machines and broaching machines are used for making key and slotted grooves and for cutting of cylindrical, conical, spur and helical gears of maximum diameter 320mm and gear-wheels of diameter 800mm with M8;
  • We have our own Press section with crank and hydraulic presses with capacity from 40 to 400 ton for the cold stamping;
  • Heat-treating shaft furnace and tunnel kiln, HFC plants.

We have possibility to design and manufacture casing moulds, tooling and devices for machining of our castings as well as cutting tools and measuring tools. We are mastering new competitive kinds of production and constantly improve the qualification level of our personnel as well as labor productivity and production quality.

Goods, produced by our Company have worked up its place on the market of Ukraine and abroad. We are interested in further increase of the volumes of our current production as well as expansion of the range through gaining new orders to our Company. Thanks to our machinery, equipment and qualified personnel we are able to guarantee as quality of the production as dully fulfillment of our obligations.

Will be glad to see you among our partners!