Литейное производство МЗАТЗ

Casting production

Foundry ATS ™ allows to make almost any product from non-ferrous and ferrous metals:
spare parts, gears, parts of machines and machine tools.

In our arsenal of more than 300 kinds of castings weighing from 0.1 to 100 kg.

Iron castings

Production of castings:

  • gray cast iron (GG15 – GG35),
  • ductile iron (GGG 40 – GGG60);

The sand and clay molds in the impulse lines and flaskless forming a horizontal split.

Weight of castings from 0.2 to 100kg. Power plant – 10,000 tons of suitable casting per year.


Cast aluminum

Production of castings by casting in a metal mold under high pressure – 9 MLD.

Power plant – 3000 tons of suitable casting per year.

The shop has the ability to produce secondary aluminum and aluminum alloys vintage – the annual capacity of 2000 tons.


Lost-foam casting

Production of steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous castings.

Power plant 3600 tons of suitable casting per year;

Using modern induction melting, molding and high-quality materials, allows to achieve a high surface quality and dimensional accuracy.