Литье черных металлов

Casting of ferrous metals

Cast iron Shop produces castings from grey iron (GG15,GG20–GG35) and high-test cast iron (GGG40–GGG60).

The capacity of the shop is more than 10 000 ton of defect-free casting per year.


  • Melting furnaces:
    • 2 furnaces ИЧТ-6;
    • furnace ИСТ-0,4;
    • ИЧТ-2,5 furnace in reserve.
  • Moulding:
    • line for air-impulse moulding with box size 600X800X300/300
    • boxless mold line, the size of clod is 600X500X180/180
    • moulding line 350X470X100/100
  • Core section:
    • manual production of cores and with a help of machines – cold-hardening method;
    • process of hot boxes including Shell composition.