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A wide range of machines and tools for the machining of metal parts.

We use the following machinery in our Company:

  • Vertical and horizontal milling centers: HAAS, KAMIOKA, ГФ2171, 65А880, 2204ВМФ, СПФ-500, ГДВ-400, Heckert (size of work piece – 4000 x 1000 x 800);
  • Centerless grinding machines;
  • Face-grinding machines allow us to machine flat surfaces of various parts with micron There is possibility to machine face surfaces and conic shaped surfaces of  size 1000 x 360 x 400 in case of use of additional devices;
  • Round-grinding machines are used for outside grinding of cylindrical and conical surfaces, maximum diameter of blank is 410mm and L=2800mm;
  • Drilling machines;
  • Metal-sawing machines, guillotine, plasma ark cutting;
  • Lathe CNC machines which give us opportunity to machine complicated castings of diameter up to 630 mm and L= 1600 mm;
  • Universal turning machines allow to machine castings of diameter up to 1000mm and length up to 4500mm;
  • Tooth-cutting machines, groove milling machines and broaching machines are used for making key and slotted grooves and for cutting of cylindrical, conical, spur and helical gears of maximum diameter 320mm and gear-wheels of diameter 800mm with M8;